We wish to be called as “Campus Zappers”….! 

More than 15 years now, situations have drastically changed. For us, each year is a new era of adventure. Each year adds a new feather of experiences to our hat. Each year we grow with more confident. 

The best experience was learnt during the “Pandemic Times”, where colleges were no more a “Friendly Campus”. 

In a “Zap” of time, ‘Home’ became ‘Campus’. ‘Room’ became ‘Classrooms’. ‘Friends’ met up ‘Online’. ‘Teachers’ monitored their ‘Students’ through computer screen.

Campus Zap is dedicated to all those students who never felt a friendly touch for a long time. Campus Zap is dedicated to all those parents who have seen their kids learning from a limited screen. Campus Zap is dedicated to those teachers who were still focused and never gave up on their students. Campus Zap is dedicated to you who have witnessed this Pandemic.

Campus Zap is today one of the Premier Solution organization. Though registered recently, however, our roots are deeply and strongly grown for more than 15 years. With a broad portfolio of services and Positions Campus Zap is a rapidly specializing in consultancy, turn-key solutions, training, and comprehensive Global Activities. 

Our “Core Team” consists of experienced consultants, from various backgrounds, who have seen many ups and down in their sectors. Individually, our team can get the best “Result”, but together we are sure to “Shine”.

Campus Zap is a registered firm, headquartered in Bangalore with few contact offices in prominent parts of the country. With a roster of over 30 professionals spread across the country, we have assisted many students achieve their dream course. We offer the most comprehensive High Quality Consultancy Service and Career Guidance to aspirants so that they can secure the Admission in this competitive world. 

Our prime focus is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and no-risk process.

Our Vision is – To scrutinize and unleash all possible opportunities and to implement them to achieve the best possible advantage for our clients. 

Our Mission is – With the power of highly skilled team, emphasis on quality, integrated systems, and assurance of reliability and with more focus on team development; we are sure to achieve greater level of expertise for our clients.